That Day.

Cried Pooh, waking up from
a terrible dream.

“Where is Piglet? I want to see Piglet!”
The first and last thought
on Pooh’s anxious mind.

Around the tree-house,
Pooh searched for his friend
Never noticing
the shiny, pearly dew-drops on the wood.

“Where must have Piglet gone? Away?”,
Pooh kept thinking of his friend
Never listening
to the symphony of
rustling tree-leaves and
rhythmic river-flow and
chirping of birds.

“Oh, Piglet! I must have done something wrong.”,
Pooh worried for his friend
Never looking at
the hopeful sight of rainbow
on the horizon

He sat in despair–
and waited–
and waited,
inside the locked room of his head.

a familiar voice he heard,
the one he had been waiting to hear
this whole endless day

It was Piglet!

“Where have you been, Piglet?
I searched for you, and waited, and worried…
…were you lost?”

“Oh, Pooh!
I was just here.

Haven’t you noticed this beautiful day?
I was just

Pooh looked around.
A whole new world
blooming in front of his eyes.

Pooh looked into Piglet’s eyes,
with all the love he was capable of,
and so did Piglet.

“I wasn’t lost, Pooh!”,
said Piglet.
“Were you?”

Pooh and Piglet